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Symfony2 Bundles - A Quick Tour

In Symfony2 world a bundle is the equivalent of a plugin. If you have been developing with Symfony2 you should have seen a plethora of bundles for various mundane or repetitive tasks. Here, I will talk about the bundles that I use and recommend for Symfony2 projects.


This bundle helps you manage users in your project. It has support for Doctrine2 ORM, ODM (MongoDB and CouchDB). It also has experimental support for Propel, if you prefer to use it instead of Doctrine.


Unlike the first version, Symfony2 doesn't come with it's own admin generator. This can be mitigated by SonataAdminBundle.


Pagination is a very mundane task and this bundle with the pagerfanta library helps you get it done.


These days a website without Facebook login is quite rare. This bundle helps you add facebook authentication to your Symfony2 project.


This bundle integrates DoctrineExtensions library with Symfony2 to help you easily add Sluggable, Timestampable and many other behaviors that are not directly provided by Doctrine2.

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